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Hosting Events

COVID-19 measures#

This section was last updated on 9 March 2020. We expect this section to evolve frequently; event organisers are advised to read it again just before their event takes place.

In view of the current outbreak of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), HackerspaceSG strongly encourages event organisers, and all HackerspaceSG members involved in the hosting of events on the premises, to take the following measures:

  • Visitors need to fill up a travel and health declaration form, and include their personal information for contact tracing purposes, immediately after entering the HackerspaceSG premises. Please note that false declarations may be prosecuted under the Infectious Diseases Act.
  • Attendees who have been to mainland China, Iran, northern Italy, the Republic of Korea, or any other such regions highlighted by the Singapore Ministry of Health, within the last 14 days, should be asked to immediately leave the HackerspaceSG premises.
  • Attendees who exhibit mild respiratory infection symptoms should wear a mask at all times during the event. (Please note that we have no disposable masks stockpiled for event use at the HackerspaceSG premises, and event organisers should have their own mask supply prepared or their attendees may be asked to leave.)
  • Attendees who exhibit serious respiratory infection symptoms should be asked to immediately leave the HackerspaceSG premises.
  • Discretion falls on either the event organiser, or any other HackerspaceSG member in the premises at the time, to enforce the above.
  • Handshaking and all other forms of physical contact should be discouraged.

We encourage everyone to be vigilant, socially responsible, and observe good personal hygiene. Please seek medical assistance promptly if you are unwell.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Event Organisers#

HackerspaceSG welcomes a wide range of events, particularly in the areas of:

  • Hacking1 and Technology
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Interesting/unusual/offbeat thinkers
  • After-parties for events in the above areas held elsewhere

The constraints are minimal:

  • A soft cap of 40 – 50 people, up to 60 people
  • Open to HackerspaceSG members who happen to be present2
  • For more than 5 people: outside office hours (After 6PM on weekdays, all day on Saturday/Sunday)
  • Within the law3

Use of the space by members who frequently work in the space for events relating to their work (e.g. press conferences) is also permitted subject to the following additional constraints:

  • This type of use is occasional
  • This type of use does not crowd out events that are a closer fit to HackerspaceSG's purpose (e.g. when the schedule is crowded)
  • The event is not something that members would find objectionable (e.g. MLM seminars)
  • The event does not impede member use of the space (i.e. no exclusive room bookings)

To arrange an event:

  • If you're a member:
  • If you're not a member:
    • You'll need to locate a member who is willing to host your event, which means that they are willing to take on everything described below.
    • A good way to do this is usually to post to the HackerspaceSG Google Group.
    • Note that it is not enough to find a member who acknowledges that your event is a good idea; you will need them to agree explicitly towards hosting your event and making the booking request with the event officers.
    • Wait until your host confirms that they've booked a calendar slot before you invite your guests or announce HackerspaceSG as a venue.
    • If you are planning to host events on a regular basis, please consider becoming a member.

Hosting Member#

Whether you're hosting your own event or someone else's, you're taking on several specific responsibilities:

  • to prepare the space immediately prior to the event
  • to be present throughout the event as host and to take responsibility for the event's non-member attendees as your guests
  • to clean up the space immediately after the event

Please don't shirk these responsibilities. Putting other members in the situation of having to take over as host without notice because you failed to turn up is bad karma. It's probably a very good idea to only ever agree to be host for an event that you actually want to attend.

To host an event:

  • Locate a free spot on the calendar that is at least a week - preferably somewhat more than a week - from now

  • Email the events officers requesting the slot:

    1. Provide a title for the event
    2. Provide a preferred date and time (if any) and intended duration of the event
    3. Provide a description of the event; include links to Facebook/Meetup/etc. event pages if they exist
    4. Confirm your willingness to act as host for the event4 (i.e. take care of the things described below)
    5. Provide your mobile contact number for use during the event5
  • Once the spot is reserved invite your attendees (or where you aren't the organiser, advise the organisers to go ahead)

  • On the day of the event:

    • Preparation:

      • Turn up at least 30 minutes in advance
      • Chock the door ajar
      • Turn on all of the air-conditioners, set to 24°C6 with automatic fan, oscillation, etc. 30 minutes should be enough to get the space comfortable without using more extreme settings
      • Arrange furniture as required. Please do this quietly if it's still office hours, in consideration of our neighbours downstairs.
    • Holding the event:

      • Welcome guests as they arrive
      • When you're ready to start, welcome everyone to Hackerspace, explain a little about what we do, invite guests to make use of our drinks supply and make contributions. If you are unclear on what to say, perhaps say something like:

      Welcome to HackerspaceSG!

      We are a not-for-profit, member-funded, community centre and co-working space for the technology and entrepreneurship community in Singapore. We do two major things:

      1) Provide a space for events like this one.

      2) Provide a co-working space.

      We don't charge for hosting events, however if you like what we're doing - and particularly if you would like to host events here yourself - we encourage you to consider becoming a member. Details are on the website.

      We aren't licensed to sell food and beverages, however we do make our stock of drinks available to visitors and encourage donations; suggested contributions are listed on the tipjars near the fridge.

      • Hold the event!
      • As the event winds up:
        • Return all furniture to its usual location
        • Feed and start the dishwasher per instructions on the pantry cupboard
        • Remain in the space until all non-member attendees have left
        • Empty all of the garbage bins
        • Unchock the door
      • If no members remain:
        • Turn off air-conditioning and lights as you leave

Event Officers#

  • Before adding an event to the calendar, ensure that a specific member has undertaken to host the event:
    • Don't accept event requests from someone other than the hosting member, even if they say "member X said he would host". Not only is it possible that X didn't undertake to host the event, it's also possible that X isn't clear on what's involved.
    • Ensure that the host has understood the responsibilities described above and is willing to carry them out. At the very least, ensure that they're planning to be present throughout the event, plus about a half hour at the beginning and end of the events.
    • Unless you personally are willing to host, advise non-member organisers to find a host and to have the host make the request. You are free to decide to host of course, but please don't accept bookings for events with no host and then asking the mailing list for a volunteer to host.
  • Err on the side of inclusiveness. A large part of HackerspaceSG's approach from the outset has been to be an inclusive as reasonably possible. If an event is even remotely related to the areas listed above, then the request should probably be accepted, subject to calendar availability.
    • If there are concerns about events that appear to be of questionable legality, discuss it with HackerspaceSG's directors.
    • If there are concerns about an event being potentially objectionable, discuss it on the Google Group before committing a calendar slot. Until/unless specific guidelines are adopted, please don't decline an event request on the basis of your own personal response to the event being proposed.
    • (Note to event organisers/hosts who are reading along: this does not mean that event officers are obliged to accept your request unless they can convince you that they shouldn't. HackerspaceSG reserves the right to decline event requests without explanation.)
  • If the organisers have not already created a Facebook event page for the event, offer to create an event on the HackerspaceSG page. If they accept, create the event and include the link in the calendar entry.

  1. "Hacking" meaning ingenuity or playful cleverness, not criminal activity.
  2. We may consider closed events in extraordinary cases, but the answer will almost always be no.
  3. "Within the law" should go without saying, but occasionally people are confused about the term "hacker".
  4. Please volunteer your undertaking to be host for the event when requesting the booking, rather than putting the events officers in the position of having to press you for it.
  5. This is particularly about what happens if you're late arriving and attendees start turning up. If you're not willing to make this information public then please reconsider being an event host. TODO: Some members may not be comfortable with this; further discussion on making it possible for members in the space to immediately contact an absent/delayed host may be warranted.
  6. You don't want kittens to die, do you?