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HackerspaceSG plenums are regular meetings for us to get the community involved, discuss recent issues and future plans, gather consensus and feedback for organisational proposals, and resolve internal conflicts.

We aim to meet on the third Tuesday of every month, usually at 8pm SGT, subject to the availability of key people (i.e. the leads for ongoing projects).


  • We try to keep plenum duration to an hour, with a hard stop at 2 hours.
  • Due to our tendency to ramble and digress, we're trying to run plenums more like stand-up meetings1. The main information that should be shared are:
    • The project's current status
    • Obstacles and blockers, if any
  • To add a new issue to the agenda, please open an issue on GitHub, in either:
  • We try not to add new items to Any Other Business2 unless it's a matter of immediate life-or-death for the space. Preliminary discussion should often begin in other channels.

Future Planned Plenums

Note that the dates are tentative and subject to change.

Past Plenum Minutes



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  2. Wiktionary's definition on Any Other Business