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Plenum 12-Feb-2014

Open: 8:40


  • Michael Cheng
  • Chinmay Pendharkar
  • Alvin Jiang
  • Roland Turner
  • ChernJie Lim
  • Gibson Tang
  • Aaron Tan
  • Luther Goh
  • Soares Chen
  • Loong Jin Chow
  • Valentine Chua


  • Kai
  • Valentine
      1. Cat 6 cable (on behalf of Kai) — whether it would be a good idea for us to purchase a long Cat6 cable for the front area, which apparently isn't receiving the wifi signal very well.
      • No. (what does it achieve over Cat5? why doesn't Kai just go and buy some?)
      1. Event housekeeping — Some guests haven't been cleaning up after themselves after events. I'd like for us to formulate a list of mandatory announcements.
      • RT/Valentine: turn into markdown, iterate on list, pull request to website
      • procedure change: events officer offer creating Facebook event if organiser is not doing so and posting on HackerspaceSG Facebook page either way (RT to draft text)
      • Chinmay volunteered as events officer, in addition to Ivan, Justin and Kelvin
      1. Finances — how we're doing, how we may improve;
      • Luther: attempt to retrieve mail from old location
      • Luther: ask Ruiwen and Meng to update bank address
      • Luther: sort out insurance
      • CJ: set up PayPal subscriptions for big/small/tiny locker 15/10/6 and company address 10
      • Roland: get to monthly on time invoicing and statements with Juanita
      • Luther: make financial spreadsheets (CJs list) available to selected members
    • marketing ourselves to new members;
      • Valentine: membership survey: why are you a member? What use do you currently/wish to make use of HSG? Etc.
      • Chinmay: Make a list of event organisers (should be members) to refer hosted event enquiries to?
      • Roland (and also everybody else): find user groups to encourage to use the space for user group meetings etc.
      • Roland: install Google Analytics (CJ provide key)
    • fundraising for better furniture (among other things).
      • (next meeting, but open design-of-HackerspaceSG-layout discussion on list) more shelves, usable tables that can be put away during events
      • Valentine: doc policy about having own stuff in the space available for others when owner not around
  • Luther
    • Getting our makerbot working and letting members know how to use it. Will be a great item to have since Roland is around. I really would like to get my hands dirty with it.
      • Roland: document procedure for use, poll for interest in workshop
    • Membership paperwork/process
      • Luther: document electronic[-first] membership process
      • for future discussion: rewards for new member referrals, so long as they (a) pay, (b) on time
  • Frequency of plenum
    - Roland: get consensus on plenum day (Roland unable to do Tuesday), perhaps 1st Monday

Close: 10:07