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Plenum 2014-06-12 Agenda/Minutes

  • Present: Gibson, Nicholas, Will Myers, Luther, LJ, Valentine, Eric Teubert, Claudio, Nigel, Soares, Aizat, Aaron, CJ, Hazwan, Roland

20:30 Finances

  • No items received, suggest discussion about remaining steps to reach reliable completion of book-keeping by the 7th of each month.


  • Luther: Introduce Soares to Juanita for the following task, by June 26
  • Soares: Work out with Juanita how to improve the spreadsheets used for exchanging memebership and subscription information.
  • Roland: Determine with Juanita whether she can now do book-keeping monthly, and in particular whether she's OK with receiving internet and power bills and scanning copies to us.

20:40 Website

  • No items received, suggest discussion about navigation and content improvements.


  • Roland: Implement supporters page 1st iteration; seek comment for next plenum

20:50 Market Survey

  • No items received, suggest discussion on objectives, timeline, content and next steps.


  • Luther/Valentine: Sort out details for questions for Walkabout visitors tomorrow.
  • Valentine: Add "other" answers with boxes to almost all questions. Add a couple of open (no examples provided) questions "what would you like to see HSG do/not do? What would you expect? What would you like to do at HSG? ..."
  • Valentine: Survey at least current members and former members and report findings prior to next plenum. Ideally survey Facebook group, Google group, other sources and report on the same schedule.

21:00 HackerspaceSG Layout, Decor, Tidyness, Cleanliness...

  • Does the Old Hardware process require changes?
  • Are more pigeonholes required? How many? What about a member showcase?
  • How should we make clear who has what membership status?
  • Is there general agreement that non-storage surfaces (floor, chairs, tables) should be kept clear at all times when not in use?
  • Is it desirable to install cupboards?
  • Is is desirable to store the chairs in the space in the stairwell?
  • Is it desirable to install picture rails?
  • Is it desirable to install shadeplants in pots? (Perhaps hanging from picture rails?)
  • Is it desirable to install pegboard in the hardware room?


  • Hazwan: Go ahead and install pegboards on 2 walls in hardware room this month.
  • Roland: Display instructions for old hardware, pigeonholes, general cleanliness, (member list?), layout/desk priority
  • Roland: Make two more decks of pigeonholes

21:10 Email, LAN, technical infrastructure...

  • No items received. Suggest review of recent email-related difficulties.


  • (none)

21:20 Any other business


  • (none)

21:30 Close