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Plenum 2015-01-15 Agenda/Minutes

  • Present: Roland, Wyemun, Luther, Robert Sim, Gibson, Claudio, Who is Bob (LJ), Valentine, Michael Cheng, Aaron, Soares

20:30 Finances


  • Valentine: Draft SoW for hiring new book-keeper and accountant
  • Robert: Arrange time to meet Tommy, [Luther, Valentine, Roland], prefer weekends, perhaps evenings
  • Luther: Arrange time to meet some accountant guy (SC2's), "
  • Roland: Ask on openfrog for additional candidates
  • (TODO) Contract new accountant, implement appropriate recurring billing system for membership team in consultation with accountant (QuickBooks online is adequate, other options are worth considering; need to be able to issue and email invoices, recurring invoices and statements and deal with cancellations/reversal/voiding sensibly)

22:14 Close