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Plenum 2017-11-28 Agenda/Minutes

20:27 Open


  • Present: Fazli, Luther, Ruiwen, Valentine, Roland, Bob, Robert

HackerspaceSG Future

  • (Fazli) View on whether he wishes to proceed. Yes, at 10% of revenue, (but pay landlord first) through April 30, 2018.
  • (Luther/Fazli) 2017-09-30 tax return and corporate filing in? Yes for mid-November deadline.
  • Summary position? (discussed)
  • Organisational structure (particuarly reincorporating as an association). This discussion is paused while we stablise with a view to reviewing before end of April. We expect to switch to e.g. association if (but not only if) either:
    • Multiple would-be sponsors make it a condition; or
    • The "What are we about?" discussion leads to consensus about doing this.
  • Valentine+Fazli: ask people whether they're aware of any potential sponsors.
  • Recognised a need to work out what we are about ahead of recruiting drive.

Any Other Business

  • Discussion on issue 154 and potential volunteers.
  • Nominal plenum dates 2018, 2nd Wednesday of odd numbered months.

Next Meeting

  • 2018-01-10 20:00

22:20 Close