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Plenum 2018-03-14 Agenda/Minutes

20:40 Open


  • Present: Fazli, Roland, Valentine
  • Apologies: Luther, Robert, Bob


  • (Luther/Fazli) Update on finances. ~10 statements out, most at $0. Filings imminent and likely to be on time.


  • (Bob) Update on new members (if any). (item deferred)

Business Insurance Policy

  • (Luther) Update and discussion. (item deferred)

Membership Marketing

  • (Luther) Update on marketing work with Graham. (item deferred)

CoderBunker Partnership Proposal

  • (Luther) Update on progress. (item deferred)

Joining Requirements

  • (Valentine) Update on completion. complete

Code of Conduct and Grievance Procedure

  • (Valentine) Update on draft. General dicussion, suggestions on restructuring offered.

Any Other Business

  • Insurance: Need to understand the actual liability situation; Fazli to introduce advisor to Luther.

Next Meeting

  • 2018-04-12 20:00 (tentatively scheduled for 2nd Wednesday of every month, but subject to change depending on the schedule of key people; Valentine and Robert may be busy on April 11)

21:34 Close