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Plenum 2018-05-17 Agenda/Minutes

20:54 Open


  • Present: Michael Cheng, Bob, Valentine, Fazli, Roland
  • Apologies:


  • (Fazli) Update on finances.
  • 1 active member remaining to agree settlement.
  • Will talk with Koh Management in June to sort out book-keeping entries required to correct all backlogged book-keeping so
    • (i) member statements are correct and
    • (ii) accounting is correct without costly, time-consuming rework.
  • Cash flow: we expect to cover May/June expenses
  • Recurring: we are ~900/month in the black


  • (Bob) Update on new members (if any).
  • Bob ask Luther to fix PayPal access

Proposed sign-up process:

  • New member completes paper form and hands to Bob
  • Bob scans form into Google drive for Fazli, files in white file, asks new member to pay first month by PayPal
  • New member pays and tells Bob payment made
  • Bob verifies payment and issues PIN
  • At 1st of the month, Fazli notices new member paying and/or new sign up form, issues 1st month invoice (plus 2nd month invoice if joined 1-15/month) and emails new member to request set up of recurring PayPal payment.

Business Insurance Policy

  • (Fazli) Update and discussion.
  • Fazli to find another insurer or insurers

Membership Marketing

  • (Fazli) Update on marketing work with Graham.
  • Fazli to followup Graham and get sign up form online
  • Fazli will run the soldering village at Infosec event on May 24/25 as HackerspaceSG and promote
  • Bob to followup interested people from FOSSASIA, eventually...

Code of Conduct and Grievance Procedure

  • (Valentine) Update on draft (if necessary).
  • still pending

Any Other Business

  • Progress on hsg website revamp, spearheaded by Robert Sim (deferred)
  • Filing Standard Chartered identity details to prevent HSG account from being suspended: Fazli to ping
  • No change on bank account at the present time
  • Valentine membership proposal 1: how to invite donors to donate without (a) completing a memership form or (b) eating 10% through Patreon (deferred)
  • Valentine membership proposal 2: deposits for higher tiers: no action at this time

Next Meeting

  • 2018-06-13 20:00 (tentatively scheduled for 2nd Wednesday of every month, but subject to change depending on the schedule of key people)

22:32 Close