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Plenum 2018-07-11 Agenda/Minutes

20:47 Open


  • Present: Fazli, Valentine, Bob, Roland, Robert
  • Apologies:


  • (Fazli) Update on finances.
  • Bookkeeping is current to June 30!
  • Cashflow slightly positive
  • Somewhere near balance on an accrual basis


  • (Bob) Update on new members (if any).
  • None at this point

Business Insurance Policy

  • (Fazli/Roland) Update and discussion.
  • Fazli, Valentine, and Roland met with Faizal
  • Valentine and Faizal to work to complete 3 proposals, Bob to assist on inventory as required ; also association insurance if relevant
  • Plenum to review proposals and policy wording, but don't hold up (use email in the meantime)

Membership Marketing

  • (Fazli) Update on marketing work with Graham.
  • Fazli has made an awesome signup page which emails [email protected], will add to website shortly
  • (Graham) Run ads pointing to signup page
  • Bob will reach out to sign-ups, host them as guests, encourage themm to join.

Website Revamp

  • (Robert) Update on revamp.
  • No update, WIP

Code of Conduct and Grievance Procedure

  • (Valentine) Update on draft.
  • No update, assistance welcome

In-space Privacy Notices

Any Other Business

  • (Valentine) Change power supplier: investigate options and report
  • (Robert) Split Cloudflare account into sub-accounts (done!)
  • (Roland) assemble Maker Faire exhibit

Next Meeting

  • 2018-08-08 20:00 (tentatively scheduled for 2nd Wednesday of every month, but subject to change depending on the schedule of key people) TBC, depending on Fazli's holiday

21:30 Close