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Plenum 2019-04-10 Agenda/Minutes

20:00 Open


  • Present: Bob, Dyana, Adana, Marco, Valentine, Roland
  • Apologies:


  • (Fazli/Dyana) Update on finances, accounts, and cashflow.
  • Books (ACRA filing) due April 30, Taxes due 15 Dec
  • Bob to poke Ruiwen on corppass
  • Cash balance is likely to be above 0, everything paid on time to at least 30 Jul, assuming $1,300 acct fees
  • On an accural basis we are up $27/month
  • We will pay no faall below fee in April for the first time in months.

Cost Reduction Measures

  • Discussion if any.

Services to Raise Funds

  • (Aizat) Discussion if any.

Electricity Supplier Alternatives

  • (Fazli/Bob) Updates if any.
  • Doing OK at present on current usage, no immediate change planned.
  • Bob to email someone at SP about contestability. Alteratively, Valentine discuscoverd a 1,700 kWh 19% off regulated tarrif 6 month contract at a comparison website and will email details to Bob.

Membership Marketing and Website Revamp

  • (Fazli) Update on marketing work with Graham.
  • (Robert) Update on revamp.


  • (Bob) Update on new members (if any).
  • Two new @64. Also, flushed non-members keys from the door.

Potential Relocation Options

  • Discussion if any.

Organisation Directorships

  • (Bob/Robert) Discussion if any.
  • Bob and Robert paperwork processed by Koh on March 26, ACRA file not yet sighted by Bob and Robert.

Upcoming events that HackerspaceSG might be interested in

  • Maker Faire in October. Roland to Chief Make.

Any Other Business

  • Dyana will look into whether we can cancel PayPal recurring payments merchant-side.

Next Meeting

  • 2019-05-08 20:00 (tentatively scheduled for 2nd Wednesday of every month, but subject to change depending on the schedule of key people)

20:24 Close