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Plenum 2020-12-15 Agenda/Minutes


20:05 Open


  • Present: Dyana, Bob, Valentine, Roland, Kheng Hui, Jen, Robert
  • Apologies: -




  • OK Due 30 Apr 2021. We have provided Koh Mgmt with books for FYE 30 Sep 2020 for prep and filing. We expect Koh Mgmt to file on time.


  • OK YA2020 C-S filed about 6 weeks ago.
  • Pending Due 31 Dec 2020: YA2021 ECI. Koh is aware.



  • $23K in the bank as of 1 Dec 2020

Accrual (up/down $?/month)

  • Including predicted upcoming costs amortised monthly, we are down $1284.81 a month.

Expense breakdown by category, on an annualised (365/12) basis.

Regular ExpensesAmountFrequencyMonthly Cost (amortised)
Rental340012$ 3,400.00
Utilities (est'd)45012$ 450.00
Internet14812$ 148.00
CorpSec2402$ 40.00
Accounting/Corp Services (est'd)30001$ 250.00
Aircon9801$ 81.67
Cleaning (est'd)8026$ 173.34
Income Tax (est'd)6001$ 50.00
$ 4,593.01


  1. (Bob) Update on new members (if any).
  • downgrades
    • corentin 64 -> 0
    • shramee 512 -> 128
    • dwerp 512 -> 64
    • andrei 64 -> 32
  • upgrades
    • ohno 0 -> 128
    • subh 0 -> 64
  1. Current membership breakdown by tiers.

Note: Live data for finances/memberships is in the membership register which Jen now has access to

Ongoing business

Change of directorship (was organisational shutdown)

  • (Bob, Robert, Dyana) Call for directors has been issued via mailing list and Facebook page (not group)
  • Valentine and Jen are likely; they are considering registration as a social enterprise or similar.
  • Potential volunteers to assist on moving/removing/renovating have been identified.
  • Chucking out much of the crap and rearranging the tables so that more space is available for use.
  • Ideas include day passes for students (vs. say Starbucks), with a view to reaching break-even on that basis.
  • Dyana points out that, although we know the sequence for bank account handover, 6 weeks' of calendar is recommend to deal with SC paperwork.
  • Jen will do finance-related things with Dyana watching in January (rather than the reverse).
  • Valentine flagged an issue with an individual, Jen offered to intervence.
  • Once resolved, Valentine is willing to step as a director in January with Jen as treasurer.

Broken and Orphaned Items

  • (Valentine) Updates if any.
  • The not-turned-on-in-8-years TV
  • Seeking consensus to Old Hardware Pattern the following:
    • Sofa under the projector
    • Large waterspot-marked table top opposite the shelves
    • Worn out office chairs
    • White stool (i.e. retain red stool)
    • Beanbags
    • 4 VGA monitors previously donated by Roland: free to good home
    • Likewise switches
    • Stuffed toys in claw machine
  • (Valentine) Post OHP call to mailing list and Facebook page+group and then release/dispose. Repeat as he has inclination.
  • If/when we get garbage removed, the broken fridge and claw machine should go at the same time.

Membership Survey

  • (Valentine) Updates if any.
  • Terminate item.

Membership Marketing and Website Revamp

  • (Robert) Update on revamp.
  • (Valentine) Propose to remove this since the agenda item has been stagnant for 2.5 years.
  • (Valentine) Add PayNow QR to membership page for donations. Will complete adding today (Dec 15).
  • Robert will off work Xmas/NY period and plans to work on website then.

Upcoming events that HackerspaceSG might be interested in

  • FOSSASIA in March (largely online)
  • No information about Maker Faire at present.

New business

Rewording of Membership Tiers

  • (Valentine) Idea is that we should not be seen as just a cheap co-working space.
  • We have 12 desks in the main area, and 5 desks in the front area (caa 2020-10-30).
  • 17 x $256 is $4,352 (still not enough to cover running the space).
  • Propose to anchor $256/month as the standard membership tier.
  • Propose to reword the $512 tier to Dedicated tier, $256 tier to Co-working tier, and $128 tier to Community tier.
  • Pull request:
  • Proposed additional language: Community Tier members are welcome to visit the space any time, however regular use exceeding one day per week is not anticipated.

Any Other Business

  • "Someone" to post a sign reminding people not to overload the space's eletrical circuit with the shower heater on it.
  • Valentine to firm up date for next plenum

Next Meeting

  • 2021-01-19 20:00 tentative (tentatively scheduled for 3rd Tuesday of every month, but subject to change depending on the schedule of key people)

21:12 Close