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Plenum 2022-05-24 Minutes


  • Jitsi

20:18 Open


  • Present: Kheng Hui, Jen, Joyce, Huiren, Valentine
  • Apologies: N/A


Regulatory (Valentine)

  • ACRA Annual Report: Up to date. Next due 30 Apr 2023
  • IRAS tax filing done for YA2021; next one is due 30 Nov 2022 for YA 2022
  • IRAS: ECI: Up to date: Next due 31 Dec 2022

Finance (Jen)


  • $21,623.35 in the StanChart+PayPal as of 30 Apr 2022
    • PayPal transfer for April done a few days prior to plenum
    • Payments not claimed by Valentine yet (see pending claims, below)
    • May need to restart from blank slate
    • Looking into Zoho as alternative
  • Actually $6,623.35, because we took a $15K interest-free loan
  • $48.96 in GitHub Sponsors as of 15 March 2022
  • 0.66914519 in BTC

Accrual (up/down $?/month)

  • Including predicted upcoming costs amortised monthly, we are down $1259.64 a month

  • Pending claims from Valentine

    • M1 ($400), SP ($600) bills since Jan
    • Fire extinguishers ($120)
    • Renovation and move stuff to be claimed:
      • e.g. Tables and chairs
      • Details to be retrieved from Valentine's Google Pay transaction log

Significant changes to regular expenses (if any)

Regular ExpensesAmountFrequencyMonthly Cost (amortised)
Rental250012$ 2,500.00
Utilities (est'd)45012$ 450.00
Internet9912$ 99.00
CorpSec2402$ 40.00
Accounting/Corp Services (est'd)30001$ 250.00
Aircon2554$ 85
Cleaning (est'd)8026$ 173.34
Income Tax (est'd)6001$ 50.00
$ 3,647.37
  • Val: Aircon cleaning for this month is $255 but varies depending on which units are cleaned
    • Contract no longer signed as no longer required

Space electricity consumption (Valentine)

  • 1195kWh total in April 2022, for a total of ~$357.
  • Approx. 2.5–3.5 kWh/hour during normal use, or ~$0.75–$1/hour at $0.299/kWh (current electricity tariff)

Memberships/Contributions (Valentine)

Update on new members and contributions

  • No changes to the following:
    • New members
    • Downgrades
    • Upgrades

Current membership/contribution breakdown by tiers

  • Val, Jen: Vouching for new membership may not be as reliable as before, given the addition of Switch and COVID attendances
  • Val: "Do not sue us" (sic) policy is unfair to enforce only on members and not visitors of the space
  • Val: We should buy a public liability insurance policy (somewhere around $200 a year)
    • Previously, onus was on visitors to have personal accident policy, but as we don't require or check for it, the liability insurance may make sense

Old Hardware Pattern (Jun Hao)

  • Ref: Google Sheets
  • Huiren: Jun Hao has been quite busy, any help would be appreciated
  • Val: Recently donated laptops, routers, and HP Proliant servers to be handled separately
    • Val: Some hard disks and cables missing, may need to purchase
    • Philip Hilton may have contacts to sell the old routers
    • To check old laptops for presence/absence of hard disks (KH)
  • Val: Chairs to be disposed but may need to be broken apart

Further adjustment of membership tiers (Valentine)

  • (Valentine) Volunteer-for-hours scheme to be removed (for now)
    • May reinstate if we get traction, financial stability, and demand
    • Val: Worthwhile because of power consumption costs per person
  • Membership page on docs site has been cleaned up and should be synced to main site (Val)

Website revamp (Valentine)

  • (Valentine) Initial backend mostly done, frontend wrangling in progress
    • Val: Linting and CI done, only putting things together is undone
    • Val: Could be done by end of the month

House rules (Valentine)

  • Now up at:
  • (Valentine) Will need to make some minor changes to bring it to present day norms
    • Val: From Bussorah to KGB
    • KH: Maybe make it future proof if possible
  • Need additional guidelines surrounding acceptable behaviour

Large group gatherings in a COVID-endemic Singapore (Valentine)

  • Joyce: Need to set up the projector, presentation system, and speakers
    • KH: Drywall mounting experience/volunteer needed
    • KH: Dry run needed, time to be decided
    • Joyce: Infrastructure setup and capacity testing to be done prior to dry run

Electronics workshops (Joyce)

  • Joyce: Planning can resume now that restrictions have been relaxed
    • Pending syllabus creation
      • Val: Projector is usable though not yet mounted
      • KH: Speakers would be nice to have, if not necessary
      • Val: Bluetooth speaker is available

Roof water ingress again? (Huiren)

Clean desk policy (Huiren)

Holes in the front room (Valentine)

Gloomy/dark lighting in the main area (Huiren/Joyce)

  • Ref:
  • To switch out current off-the-shelf controller for STM32 (Joyce)
    • Some lights could light up, see renovation chat updates
    • Soldered up shield for connecting lights to microprocessor
    • Need to find time to test during daylight hours
  • Huiren: Request to keep updates in the GitHub issues for better visibility

Smoking in front and back stairwell (Huiren)

  • Ref:
  • Huiren: source has been found
    • Opposite neighbour at back stairwell
    • Downstairs neighbours for front stairwell
  • Joyce: test door sealers with Arduino and cheap sensors?
    • May need help from our smoker members

Tasks for hired cleaner (Valentine)

  • Ref:
  • Val: Duties more or less settled, but something may have been forgotten
    • Can cross-check and update on GitHub by the end of the week (KH, Joyce, Val)
    • Aim to call cleaner back next month

Membership referral scheme (Valentine)

Carousell account (Valentine)

  • Credentials are likely to be recovered but we have to try (Val)
  • Joyce: routers could be sold for homelab hackers, maybe <$100
  • Val: beanbags could be sold
  • GitHub issue should be opened (KH)

Membership marketing (Valentine)

  • We need to discuss if marketing is feasible, and if so, how
    • GitHub issue should be opened (KH)
  • Huiren: NUS students did a report on marketing* and it can be updated to issue (Huiren)
    • See BAMF group
  • Joyce: some people have heard of hackerspaces but not aware of us
    • Val: proposal needed
    • Joyce: social media would be a start
    • KH: word-of-mouth is not enough, as noted

344B to 336D move and renovation debrief (open)

  • Debrief will be done after front room is tidied up (Val)
  • KH: kitchen can be cleaned up
    • Val: Adnan suggested using boxes, but this can be done later

Former plenum items to close (open)

  • Needs cleanup after reference from last plenum minutes (KH)

    • Restore two deleted items
  • KGB premises lease renewal / Potential reboot

    • Retain: reboot ideas
  • Governance reboot

    • To be closed: move to membership/restructuring discussion

Reboot / Social enterprise/non-profit model vs Pte Ltd. (open)

  • Ref: 2022-03-15 plenum
  • GitHub issue to be opened to get more feedback (Val)
    • References needed to prior discussions e.g. in mailing lists

Events (open)

  • ZKM visit: to check with Luther (KH)

New business

Broken power sockets (Huiren)

Important hardware equipment list (Huiren)

Equipment borrowing process (Huiren)

336D balcony (Huiren)

Cable box partitioning system (Kheng Hui)

Day Pass Experiment (Huiren)

RIPE Atlas probe (Huiren)

Non-functional 3D printers (Valentine)

Facility maintenance and issues (open)

Miscellaneous HSG administrative matters (open)

Any Other Business (AOB)

  • Huiren, KH: GitHub issues need to be used more frequently instead of scattered updates across channels

Next meeting

  • 2022-06-21 20:00 tentative (tentatively scheduled for 3rd Tuesday of every month, but subject to change depending on the schedule of key people)

    • KH: will not be available, German classes on Tuesdays
  • KH: propose shift to 3rd Wednesday of the month, i.e. 2022-06-22 for the next meeting

    • No objections from all present

22:05 Close (approx)