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HackerspaceSG Handbook

Welcome to our HackerspaceSG Handbook! This is a living document1 for users and visitors of HackerspaceSG; please expect frequent changes.

You may wish to see if there are updates to Handbook pages, or view its entire Git history. Anyone is welcome to submit minor changes or corrections, or add potentially useful information that has not been covered, through pull requests.


HackerspaceSG depends on financial support from the larger community to stay afloat. We would really appreciate it if you could make a regular contribution using either Open Collective or GitHub Sponsors.

HSG admin may occasionally tweak policies to some level of consensus and acceptance among our members, space users, and larger community.

To propose a change, open an issue on either the admin repo or KGB repo. Further discussion and change announcements may also take place on our Telegram group chat, mailing list, and at plenum meetings.


  1. Wikipedia's article on living documents