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How do I sign up?

Drop by HackerspaceSG and get to know us. Hang out for a week or two, just so that we can know you better, and so that you are sure that you really want to be part of the community.

(Please refer to our Visiting The Space page for more information.)

To sign up as a member:

  1. Read our Terms of Use and Rules, which you will have to explicitly agree to.
  2. Start a recurring payment for your preferred membership tier on any of our payment platforms.
  3. Send an email1 to [email protected] (optionally including proposing members in cc) in the following format:
Contact number:
Mailing address:

I acknowledge that I have carefully read all of the provisions of the
HackerspaceSG Terms of Use as linked in,
fully understand the terms and conditions expressed there, and do freely
choose acceptance of the provisions of the foregoing paragraphs relating
to assumption of risk, release of liability, covenant not to sue, and
third party indemnification.

I also acknowledge that I have read and understand the HackerspaceSG Rules
as linked in

We will process your membership, and send you an email with your 24/7 access credentials.

We reserve the right to reject membership applications for any reason.

Membership Benefits

  • 24/7 access to the space
  • Keep your stuff in a locker or designated storage box (additional subscription applies)
  • Use the workbench and hardware tools
  • Host community meetups, workshops, and other events at the space, mostly for free
  • Borrow books from our library

Membership Tiers

Dedicated Member ($512 SGD/month)

A dedicated desk for co-working. You can keep your stuff at your desk. "Unlimited"2 use of the space. We'll label a desk with your name, in honour of your contribution.

Great for: people who really want to support the space; people who have lots of stuff; people who like their multi-monitor setups.

Co-working Member ($256 SGD/month)

"Unlimited"2 use of the space. You cannot keep your stuff at a desk when you leave for the day.

Great for: freelancers and small companies using the space daily during regular business hours.

Community Member ($128 SGD/month)

Occasional use of the space (around 9 hours a week). You cannot keep your stuff at a desk when you leave for the day.

Great for: occasional co-workers; people who come in after work or school to hang out.

Concessionary Member ($64 SGD/month)

If you earn under $2,500/month, all the benefits of Community membership, at a reduced rate. Occasional use of the space (around 9 hours a week). You cannot keep your stuff at a desk when you leave for the day.

Great for: full-time students, NSFs, underemployed, unemployed.

Membership Addons


HackerspaceSG offers three sizes of lockers for rental to members. Big lockers (42cm) are SGD15 per month, small lockers (28cm) are SGD10 per month, and tiny lockers (21cm) are SGD7.50 per month.

Open Storage

Members receive 22L of free storage for every $64 SGD of monthly membership subscription, and can rent additional storage at $5 SGD per 22L. For example, Community members paying $128 a month get 44L of free storage.

Please subscribe to additional storage whether you're using HackerspaceSG's supplied boxes, your own storage containers (e.g. suitcases), or storing large individual items (e.g. bicycles) at the premises. HackerspaceSG admin will be in touch if we believe that you should enter into a subscription.

For HackerspaceSG boxes, storage rental is billed whether the boxes are in HackerspaceSG or elsewhere. Boxes should be returned in reusable condition when you end your subscription term. If a box is damaged or missing, a replacement fee will be billed at $12 per 22L box, and $25 per 44L box. The replacement fee will be waived if you've paid 12 months of storage subscription for that box.

Open storage is offered subject to space availability, and allocations may be terminated (with notice) if we do not have enough space. We're not looking to enter the self-service storage business. HackerspaceSG admin may move boxes and other stored items at our discretion, especially if they get in the way of normal activities.

Mailing Address for Businesses

Businesses may use HackerspaceSG's address to receive physical/snail mail, as long as they are associated with a member.

Members at the Co-working ($256) tier and above may register one business to receive mail free.

Community and Concessionary members may register their businesses at $10 SGD per business per month.

Personal Belongings

Members are invited to leave their stuff at the Hackerspace, with the understanding that other members and guests may use, handle, break and discard them. This includes, but is not limited to: computers, keyboards, mice, chargers, furniture, and toys. Please label your items.

Please clear all personal belongings from your desk when you leave Hackerspace for the day. (This doesn't apply to the desks and personal belongings of members who are subscribed to the Dedicated tier.) Please be considerate to fellow members and guests.

HackerspaceSG will not be held responsible for any loss or damage of personal belongings.


  1. We used to have a physical membership form, but are gradually deprecating it.

  2. "Unlimited" means a normal working schedule of 10–12 hours a day, though we won't kick up a fuss if you go over by a little. Members are generally not allowed to use the space as a residence. 2