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Terms Of Use

Release of Liability

In consideration for my (as a Participant) being permitted to participate in the activities of HackerspaceSG, I agree to the following waiver and release:

ASSUMPTION OF RISK: I acknowledge that inherent risks, dangers and hazards and such exist when using power tools commonly used in electronics construction, fabrication, software design and other technology related activities. Participation in such activities and/or the use of equipment associated with technology design, manufacture and experimentation may result in injury, illness, death or damage to personal property. These risks and dangers may be caused by other Participants, members or by accidents, acts of nature or other causes. Risks and dangers may arise from foreseeable or unforeseeable causes including, but not limited to electrocution, burns, impalement, injury from slips or falls, etc.

RELEASE OF LIABILITY: The Participant fully assumes all risks associated with participation in events and exempts and releases HackerspaceSG, its members, officers, agents, board members, from action whatsoever arising out of any damage, loss or injury to the participant or the participant’s property while upon the premises or using any equipment of the organization or while participating in any of the activities contemplated by this agreement whether such loss, damage, or injury results from the negligence of the corporation, its members, agents, or from some other cause.

COVENANT NOT TO SUE: The Participant agrees never to institute any suit or action at law otherwise against HackerspaceSG, its members, officers, board members, agents, nor to initiate or any way assist the prosecution of any claim for damages or course of action which the Participant, Participant's heirs, executors or administrators hereafter may have by reason of injury to the person of the Participant or to the Participant’s property arising from the activities contemplated by this agreement.

THIRD PARTY INDEMNIFICATION: The Participant will indemnify, save and hold harmless HackerspaceSG, its members, officers, board members, or agents from any and all losses, claims, actions, or proceedings of every kind and character which may be presented or initiated by any other persons or organizations and which arise directly or indirectly from the actions of the member while engaged in the activities contemplated by this agreement.

I hereby acknowledge that I have CAREFULLY read all of the provisions above, fully understand the terms and conditions expressed there, and do freely choose acceptance of the provisions of the foregoing paragraphs relating to assumption of risk, release of liability, covenant not to sue, and third party indemnification.