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Plenum 3-Apr-2014

Open: TODO


  • Roland Turner
  • TODO


Program: Get accounts sorted out

  • Status, objectives, issues, next actions.
  • Bank address updated?
  • Mail retrieved from old location? (Luther)
  • Bank account access change completed?
  • Insurance sorted out?
  • "PayPal subscriptions for big/small/tiny locker 15/10/6 and company address 10" set up? (CJ)
  • "financial spreadsheets (CJs list) available to selected members" done? (Luther)
  • "document electronic[-first] membership process" progress? (Luther)

Program: Increase event utilisation and membership

  • Status, objectives, issues, next actions.
  • Progress on promotion to user groups?
  • "membership survey: why are you a member? What use do you currently/wish to make use of HSG? Etc." progress? (Valentine)
  • Google Analytics: Roland was added, were Valentine, Loong Jin, CJ and Michael added?
  • Consider: rewards for new member referrals, so long as they (a) pay, (b) on time

Program: Design, layout and furnishing of HackerspaceSG

  • Status, objectives, issues, next actions.
  • Objectives may include: more shelves, usable tables that can be put away during events
  • "doc policy about having own stuff in the space available for others when owner not around" drafted? (Valentine)

(Michael) Program: HackDo

  • Status, objectives, issues, next actions.

Other Items

  • (Roland) Event Management: Moving event procedure into website, updating procedure, listing officers
  • (Valentine) A framework for awarding membership in kind for equipment contributions, special fundraising efforts or other extraordinary circumstances.
  • (Roland) Why are we using Punch? Might Jekyll be a better option?
  • (Roland) Update on status of FlashForge Creator
  • (Roland) Frequency of plenum: suggest 1st Thursday of every month

Any Other Business

  • TODO

Close: TODO