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Plenum 2018-08-23 Agenda/Minutes

20:30 Open


  • Present: Fazli, Dyana, Valentine, Bob, Roland, Robert
  • Apologies:


  • (Fazli) Update on finances.
  • Marginal increase in membership, likely downgrade by an existing member in the next couple of months
  • Fazli to check with Luther how we handled taxes last time; likely complete with Koh


  • (Bob) Update on new members (if any).
  • One new FOSSASIA person

Business Insurance Policy

  • (Valentine/Roland) Update and discussion.
  • Bob and Dyana: Provide Valentine a list of potentially dangerous stuff.
  • Valentine: Complete and submit all of the quote request form; once quotes are received, put together documents requiring review (quotes and policy language) 2 weeks ahead of next plenum.

Electricity Supplier Alternatives

  • (Valentine) Updates if any.
  • Valentine: Review current power bills as a basis for comparison (in KWh: May: 2317, June: 2453, July: 2256, $510-$550), research and propose options.

Membership Marketing

  • (Fazli) Update on marketing work with Graham.
  • No progress this month.

Website Revamp

  • (Robert) Update on revamp.
  • Should be done by next month.

Makerfaire Representation

  • (Roland) Updates if any.
  • Maker Faire was awesome.

Code of Conduct and Grievance Procedure

  • (Valentine) Update on draft.
  • No progress this month.

In-space Privacy Notices

  • (Valentine) Update on notices.
  • Notices on front door and under public camera; Dyana added "except this one" to the latter during the meeting.

Any Other Business

  • Dyana wonders whether guidelines for rejections are needed. Sense of the meeting was that ongoing blithe rejections are OK.

Next Meeting

  • 2018-09-12 20:00 (tentatively scheduled for 2nd Wednesday of every month, but subject to change depending on the schedule of key people)

21:34 Close