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Plenum 2021-02-23 Minutes


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  • Alternatively, join using meeting ID 824 5186 2199 (passcode: 489923)

20:13 Open


  • Present: Roland, Jen, Ruiwen, Valentine, Dyana, Bob, Adnan
  • Apologies: -




  • DONE Due 30 Apr 2021. Annual report has been filed 22/01/2021.
  • for future view: due 30 Apr 2022: Annual report submission of accounts to Koh.


  • DONE YA2020 C-S filed about late November.
  • DONE YA2021 ECI filed about mid December.
  • for future view: due 30/11/2021: YA2021 C-S (tax filing); Koh has visibility



  • $20K in the bank as of 1 Feb 2021 (down $2.4K from previous month)
  • Discussion on bank->QuickBooks integration broken. Ignore messages, they are wrong, just verify that sync has happened at least once earlier in month before doing accounts.

Accrual (up/down $?/month)

  • Including predicted upcoming costs amortised monthly, we are down $1.5K a month.

Significant changes to regular expenses (if any)

Regular ExpensesAmountFrequencyMonthly Cost (amortised)
Rental340012$ 3,400.00
Utilities (est'd)45012$ 450.00
Internet14812$ 148.00
CorpSec2402$ 40.00
Accounting/Corp Services (est'd)30001$ 250.00
Aircon9801$ 81.67
Cleaning (est'd)8026$ 173.34
Income Tax (est'd)6001$ 50.00
$ 4,593.01


  1. (Jen, Valentine) Update on new members (if any).
  • downgrades
    • John 128 -> 0
    • Tong Wei 64 -> 0
    • Benji 128 -> 64
  • upgrades

  1. Current membership breakdown by tiers.

Note: Live data for finances/memberships is in the membership register

Ongoing business

Change of Directorship and Adding of Shareholders

  • (Bob, Robert, Dyana, Jen, Valentine, Ruiwen, Roland) Discussion.
  • (Valentine/Jen) to complete file transfer due to Google Drive not allowing ownership transfer from dyana's Drive to either Valentine/Jen's emails
  • Decision to issue a third share, issue it to Valentine, no change to existing shares.
  • (Valentine) Start process to issue and assign third share and transfer directorship.
  • (Valentine/Roland) Draft doc to set out publicly the details of the change above, the rationale, and likely impacts.
    • Clarify that it is envisaged that so long as we remain a Pte. Ltd., Valentine's share should probably move to any future director, not that it's compensation for service.

Broken and Orphaned Items

Rewording of Membership Tiers

  • Pull request:
  • (Roland, Valentine) Notice to community and concessionary members and about proposed change and inviting comment ahead of implementation at change of directorship, expected at about the end of the month.
  • (Jen and/or Valentine) Send notice to community and concessionary members.
  • (Valentine) Draft the sorts of tasks that community and concessionary members are to be asked to undertake
  • (Valentine) Refine text to set out intended uses of each tier. Also, more friendly.
  • (Valentine) Separate 16 and 32 to make clear that they are regular donation tiers, not membership tiers.
  • (Valentine) 64 tier to be either fulltime study or self-declared under-2,500/month

Membership Marketing and Website Revamp

  • (Robert, Valentine) Update on revamp.
  • Valentine showed off excellent mockups and palette.
  • Work continues.
  • Bob insists that the website is fine. Bob asserts this insistence while surrounded by flames.

Storage Boxes

  • (Valentine) Updates if any.
  • Pending directorship change.

Shifting of Hardware Room

  • (Valentine) Updates if any.
  • None at present.

Large groups during Phase 3

  • (Valentine) Updates if any.
  • None at present.

Upcoming events that HackerspaceSG might be interested in

  • FOSSASIA in March (largely online)
    • (Roland) Put together HackerspaceSG presence, call for assistance as required. Talk to Marco about possible virtual walkthrough.
    • (Marco) Proposes to have HackerspaceSG participate in it.

New business

Any Other Business

Next Meeting

  • 2021-03-16 20:00 tentative (tentatively scheduled for 3rd Tuesday of every month, but subject to change depending on the schedule of key people)

21:23 Close